Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures (Paperback)

Funny Women Write from the Road (Travelers' Tales Guides)

By Jennifer L. Leo (Editor), Jessica Maxwell (Introduction by)

Travelers' Tales Guides, 9781885211927, 194pp.

Publication Date: April 7, 2003



Travel isn't always what we dream it will be, but...oh the stories that follow For the 25 women in this book who packed their sense of humor as they traveled from Alaska to Zanzibar, the journey brought tales of misadventure that their children and grandchildren, and readers of this book, will never forget. Smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud to the candid and comical accounts of these memorable trips.
Brigid Kelso gets bitten and beaten by a healer possessed by a goddess in Kathmandu in "Llamo Dolkar"
"Fifteen Minutes Can Last Forever" when JoAnn Hornak is being chased by a herd of fifty African elephants
Ellen Degeneres's fear of flying comes out in ripe language shocking the nun in the next seat in "The Plane Truth"
"Herbal Girl" Deborah Bear tests the strength of ginger when sea sickness overcomes her on a not-so-idyllic voyage
Sandra Tsing Loh vacations in "Tahiti " where she finds the freedom to be fat
"A Prude in Patpong," Jennifer Leo discovers the outrageous world of Bangkok's sex shows
Cooking up a "Rainbow Special" in Guatemala, Cara Tabachnick inadvertantly poisons her new friends with explosive and hilarious results