Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace (Paperback)

By Judith Briles

Mile High Press, 9781885331083, 392pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2008



Conflict-itis is everywhere ... Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace breaks the code of silence surrounding the ongoing taboo subject of workplace sabotage, conflict and bullying within the professional healthcare workplace.Over 12 million women and men work in healthcare--nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and medicine. Shortages are everywhere, yet mega-thousands choose to not worked within the professional they spent years training for. Why? It's all about behaviors in the workplace.Based on two studies with over 3,000 respondents and the author's ongoing research on the topics of conflict and sabotage in the workplace, Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace is a must have for anyone within the leadership role.Chosen as the main selection of the Nurse Book Society, Judith Briles provides a detailed guide to awareness, prevention, resolution of conflict and sabotage, and ultimately, to the empowerment of all who work in health care. Finalist in USA Books' Business: Leadership and Management in 2008.