Money Smarts for Turbulent Times: Master Personal Finances in 30 Days! (Paperback)

Master Personal Finances in 30 Days!

By Judith Briles

Mile High Press, 9781885331311, 276pp.

Publication Date: October 15, 2009



Keep the Money Gremlins from Your Door Do you feel that you could be underwater financially?Are your investments the pits or in the dump? Does your money run out before the month does? Would you like to get clarity on money strategies that make common sense?Money Smarts for Turbulent Times delivers a practical guidebook that will equip you with an action plan to build a stronger financial future. It's not a theory book filled with unrealistic concepts and strategies. Rather, it's loaded with uncommon common sense. Readers will embark on a 30-day approach to spending wisely, identifying and eliminating waste, reducing debt building a safety net, resolving credit issues and making sure income stretches as far and works as effectively as it can.Areas covered include debt management, wills and trusts, insurance, scams, managing kids and money, investments, talking about money, creating a viable and realistic plan and so much more.