Reality & Illusion: An Overview of Course Metaphysics (Paperback)

An Overview of Course Metaphysics

By Robert Perry

Circle Publishing, 9781886602199, 139pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2002



A Course in Miracles is a spiritual path that focuses on the forgiveness of others and the release from guilt and fear. Its focus is practical, yet the entire path rests on a lofty vision of ultimate reality that is both liberating and life-affirming. In expressing this vision, the Course answers age-old questions, such as, What is real? Does God exist? What is our true nature? Why am I here? The Course's answers are profound, but often hard to understand, and the goal of Reality & Illusion is to organize and present the Course's metaphysics in a way that is coherent and understandable to anyone, including those new to the Course. It will also help clarify things for long-time students.Topics include: * Time and space vs. infinity and eternity * The nature of God; the nature of Christ * The criteria for what is real * Common sense reality * Heaven * Reflections on the nature of the world * The message of A Course in Miracles.