The Secret of Gorbee Grotto (Hardcover)

By Scott E. Sutton, Scott E. Sutton (Illustrator)

Action Publishing (Glendale, CA), 9781888045130, 56pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



Through the continuing adventures of Jeeter, the curious Erf, young readers learn the mysterious secret of GorBee Grotto. After spending hours playing Boojee Ball and swimming with the creatures of the Sea of Ree, Jeeter sees a light burning brightly in the far-off cave. Just what the light comes from is a puzzle to everyone on the Planet of Ree, even Dundee the Wizard. Jeeter and Dundee set out in a sailboat to discover what's causing the Grotto to glow.This book, one of the colorfully illustrated Family of Ree adventures by Scott E. Sutton, helps teach children important life values. Once the mystery of the Grotto is solved, Jeeter tells Dundee, You know, ' said Jeeter, 'I learned a new motto, From this big secret of GorBee Grotto. Try treating others the way you'd want them to treat you, And you'll all do much better, ' he said, ' if you do.This book demonstrates the value: Try to treat others as you would want them treating.