Look at the Size of That Long-Legged Ploot! (Hardcover)

By Scott E. Sutton, Scott E. Sutton (Illustrator)

Action Publishing (Glendale, CA), 9781888045161, 44pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



It is a rare day on the beautiful world of Ree when a Long-Legged Ploot is seen. So, when Jeeter's favorite wooden chest is broken one night and a young BeeBee says he saw a Ploot in the area, everyone sets off in search of these amazing three-legged creatures.What, Dundee asked, was that loud cracking sound? A Ploot, Jeeter said, was stomping around. I think he stepped on a branch from a Tree, At least that's the story a BeeBee told me. But I didn't see it, so I really don't know Where this Ploot came from or where he did go. Hmmm, mumbled Dundee, that doesn't seem right. A Ploot doesn't normally wander at night.Can they find the Ploot? What happened to Jeeter's wooden chest? Young readers discover more of the fantastic, colorful creatures of the planet of Ree and, along with Jeeter and the BeeBees, come to better understand the valuable lesson: Be Truthful.The Family of Ree series are light-hearted adventures, filled with humor and imaginative creatures, on a world that children love visit.