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Café Nation

Coffee Folklore, Magick, and Divination

Sandra Mizumoto Posey


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The frenzied mania for coffee and the increased use of tarot, astrology, and other forms of divination shows no signs of abating. Now, folklorist Sandra Mizumoto Posey brings the ancient traditions of coffee divination and the history, folklore, and cultural impact of this potent berry together in her new book, Caf Nation: Coffee Folklore, Magick, and Divination.

Coffee divination is once again enjoying widespread popularity because of the beverage's long-recognized ability to energize. It encourages extended social interaction and sharpens mental acuity. Sufi mystics knew centuries ago that coffee had the ability to aid in meditation and prayer. This heightening of the senses lends itself naturally to promoting creative and intuitive thought. Grounds, bubbles, and the array of symbols traditionally used for divination are keys to understanding ourselves, bypassing overly logic-driven thought to reach deeper instincts.

Caf Nation is no dry history tome, no gee-whiz business success story, nor yet another cookbook. Filled with traditional and contemporary coffee divination techniques, fascinating coffee lore, droll historical artifacts, and a richly designed text, Caf Nation is, like the brew, stimulating, insightful and a catalyst for intuition. In fact, Caf Nation is the perfect companion to a cup of coffee itself

Posey's authoritative writing on the role of practical magick is simple to apply and effective. Posey, who has a Ph.D. in folklore from UCLA and is the creator of the acclaimed,, and websites, uses a system of divination that, rather than simply replicating ancient methods and meanings, draws upon the history of coffee divination and presents them in an entirely new format more relevant to contemporary life. You will never look at a cup of coffee the same way again

More than a book or website, Caf Nation is a community--of coffee lovers, of book lovers, of those who want to know more about this world, and the other world. A book to savor and refer to again and again, Caf Nation will bring robust and deep-flavored reading satisfaction to all.

Santa Monica Press, 9781891661112, 224pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2000

About the Author

Sandra Mizumoto Posey holds a B.A. in comparative literature from CSULB and an M.A. and Ph.D. in folklore and mythology from UCLA. Her previous book, Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art was published by University Press of Mississippi as part of their Folk Art & Artists series. Those interested in her varied work may wish to visit one of her many websites:,,, and of course, She makes her home in the Los Angeles area.