James Dean Died Here: The Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks (Paperback)

The Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks

By Chris Epting

Santa Monica Press, 9781891661310, 312pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2003



James Dean Died Here takes you on a journey across North America to the exact locations where the most significant events in American popular culture took place. It's a road map for pop culture sites, from Patty Hearst's bank to the garage where Apple Computer was born. Featuring hundreds of photographs, this fully illustrated encyclopedic look at the most famous and infamous pop culture events includes historical information on over 600 landmarks--as well as their exact location. James Dean Died Here is an amazing portrait of the bizarre, shocking, weird and wonderful moments that have come to define American popular culture.

About the Author

After 18 years in advertising as both a copywriter and creative director, Chris Epting opened the Surf City Advertising Company in 2001. He has created and written many popular advertising campaigns over the years for clients such as the "Los Angeles Times," the Los Angeles Clippers, IHOP, CompUSA, Robbins Bros, and many more. Chris is the author of and photographer for the historic pictorials Images of America--Huntington Beach and Images of America--Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, both published by Arcadia. Originally from New York, Chris now lives in Huntington Beach, California with his wife Jean and their two children.