Strange New Species (Paperback)

Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth

By Elin Kelsey, Marc Van Roosmalen (Foreword by)

Maple Tree Press(CA), 9781897066324, 96pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2005

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Adventure and discovery await in the depths of the oceans, on the Earth's varied surfaces, in the vast expanse of sky, and beyond. Advanced technologies have enabled scientists to study new species in parts of the world that were once impossible to visit. Researchers estimate that between five and 100 million new species still await discovery. Strange New Species takes young readers into the field with intrepid researchers as they use everything from submarines to spaghetti strainers to find wondrous new life forms. Highlights include the black-headed Sagui dwarf monkey; deep-sea tubeworms, clams, and shrimp that flourish in 800F heat; and previously unseen microbes that survive in the oxygen-deprived mud of Mono Lake, California. Elin Kelsey's vivid text and the book's stunning photographs make this fascinating frontier of science both exciting and enlightening.