Bernadette in the Doghouse (Paperback)

By Susan Glickman

Second Story Press, 9781897187920, 122pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011



After her triumph at the science fair--winning a special award even though she wasn't technically old enough to enter--Bernadette is ready to continue on with grade three. Her friendship with Annie, Keisha and Megan--also known as "the Lunch Bunch"--continues to blossom. They even befriend an elderly neighbor, Mrs. March, and her dog, Lady. After helping Mrs. Marsh with her garden, Bernadette is rewarded with her heart's desire, a puppy from Lady's new litter.

When Bernadette's best friend Jasmine comes to visit for the Christmas holidays, Bernadette is thrilled. They go to the science center and conduct an experiment where they turn snow into ice cream. Bernadette is so happy to be spending time with Jasmine that she ignores all of her new friends. Annie, Keisha and Megan are not impressed, and Bernadette has to work hard to realize her mistake, and to prove to the Lunch Bunch that she values their friendship.