Hapax (Paperback)

By K. T. Bryski

Dragon Moon Press, 9781897492529, 290pp.

Publication Date: October 15, 2012

List Price: 19.95*
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"Tension and emotion run high in a world where its end is the only certainty, and readers will hang on to every shred of hope." -Publishers Weekly The Apocalypse has come, and in seven days the world will be no more. Only the Hapax, the Word which began the universe, can recreate the world and avert the Apocalypse, but that Word has been lost. Brother Gaelin finds his faith crumbling as he is forced to shelter two fugitives from the Magistatiem, the college of magi which has been divorced from the Ecclesiat monks for centuries. As time slips away, the monks and magi must do more than just heal the ancient rift that divides them-they must trust in the very Being who drove them apart. "Full of passion and fire, with touches of Blade Runner and His Dark Materials, Hapax offers a slick and haunting vision of a world at the end of times." -Erik Scott de Bie, author of the Shadowbane series.