The Solutions Focus (Paperback)

Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE

By Paul Z. Jackson, Mark McKergow

Nicholas Brealey, 9781904838067, 228pp.

Publication Date: December 14, 2006

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This is a new and updated edition of this acclaimed first business book on the powerful, simple yet subtle approach to positive change in people, teams and organisations. Used around the world by a wide range of people, professions and organisations, the first edition has now sold nearly 10,000 copies and been translated into 7 languages.

Including new chapters reflecting the increasing importance of coaching and the solutions focus movement in the business environment, this wide-ranging book is filled with all the most important ideas, case examples and practical tips for managers, facilitators and consultants. Proven in many fields and with a distinguished intellectual heritage, "The Solutions Focus" provides a simple and direct route to progress in your organisation. It focuses on: solutions - not problems; in between: the action is in the interaction; make use of what's there; possibilities - past, present and future; and language. Every case is different. The trouble with traditional approaches to people problems is that they assume a straightforward relationship between cause and effect, between a problem and its solution. A solutions-focused approach sidesteps the search for the causes of a problem and heads straight for the solution, showing you how to envisage your preferred future and quickly takes steps forward.

The authors present a set of practical techniques, including specific forms of questioning that lead to immediate action and results. They show how to identify what is working in your organisation and amplify it to make useful changes; to focus on what is possible rather than what is intractable and how to be solution focused, not solution forced.

About the Author

Paul Z. Jackson is an independent training consultant with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. He has variously been a print journalist, senior producer at the BBC and university lecturer. He is also the author of Impro Learning. Mark McKergow has a PhD is physics and is now a consultant specialising in accelerated learning, management development and business strategy.

Praise For The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE

A classic: the most exciting and applicable approach since Fisher and Uryâ??s Getting to Yes.The logic and ethics of the approach are refreshing and unfortunately all too rare in the corporate world where I do most of my work. It makes so much sense to identify and work with what works.

Refreshing to see a new way to approaching problem solving which doesnâ??t necessarily rely on understanding what the problem is.—Des Mannion, Grant Thornton

Paul Jackson and Mark McKergow have effectively captured a sweet new way to solve problems in complex systems of human interaction.Their clearly articulated and easily practiced Solutions Focus will assist individuals within the chaos of business organizations to pare problems down to size.This entertaining newcomer to the business professionalâ??s library makes interesting reading for anyone who fancies being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Because the ideas contained in it are so immediately transferable to everyday issues (both small and large), the book becomes it own natural reinforcer, encouraging the reader to greater know-how and success with each chapter.

Just applying and reapplying the messages and learning from The Solutions Focus has helped me to live my life â??on purposeâ?? and have phenomenal success (both financial and emotional) ever since I first got my hands on a copy.—Dr Emma Langman, Business Excellence Manager, Atkins Highways and Transportation

I look for a book to in some way help improve my personal performance. The great thing with The Solutions Focus is that every time I picked it up it caused me to momentarily stop and think about how I operate and in particular how I could take a more solution-focused approach in my work. Great value from a small book.

I have used the solutions process with a team who were suffering from low morale and feeling that they had little power to solve their problems. I spent 3 hours using your process and it worked like magic. By the end of the process they felt in control, energetic and enthusiastic about tackling their issues.

I have purchased 20 copies of your book and have made it â??requiredâ?? reading for my Quality and Customer Focused Team. It is amazing how viewing the issue from a â??positiveâ?? solutions focus makes a difference.—Bruce Woodings, Halliburton,Texas

I can think of no better introduction to how solution-focused principles may be applied in organizations. Jackson and McKergow have written a very readable book that draws upon their own practical experiences in turning complex problems into simple solutions that work.This is the sort of book that managers and administrators will keep close at hand, regularly consulting it in dealing with the many challenges that face them. I recommend The Solutions Focus to anyone who is interested in fostering positive organizational change.

Easy to read, pragmatic, well laid out and elegantly simple.The approach is nicely uncomplicated, the SIMPLE structure and mnemonic helps to think positively about the problem. I also loved the diagram that visually takes you through the steps that will get you to go from the problem to the future perfect. I know that my copy will probably become well worn as I read and refer to it many times and show it to other people too!

Before I saw this eminently useful and inspiring book for solution-focused work in organizational contexts Iâ??d not have believed that there are sometimes even easier approaches than those already developed by the Milwaukee practitioners. Although â??simpleâ?? doesnâ??t mean â??easy,â?? Jackson and McKergow manage to provide a usable approach for everybody doing practical work in and with organizations.

All good coaches focus on potential, affirmation and solutions.This book is a must. It is simple, easy to read and filled with illustrative examples.—Sir John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance

A focus on solution construction is the core of great coaching.This is a beautifully crafted, elegantly simple approach to applying the power of solutions to organizationsâ??a must-read for coaches and consultants looking for truly effective tools.—Anthony M. Grant, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia

The Solutions Focus introduces a concept that is both elegant and powerful in its simplicity. For too long, business has wasted time focusing on the blocks to progress rather than finding the routes to successâ??The Solutions Focus gives you the opportunity to find the routes to success. Donâ??t be fooled, this process is simple but it is far from simplistic!

This book is both culture changing and life changing.The thinking that Mark and Paul present is in their own wordsâ??SIMPLE.â??And it is what they claim it to be but it is also profound. If we can learn to adopt this solutions-focused way of approaching everyday situations we will transform our work and our lives in elegant and powerful ways.The book is packed with thought-provoking case studies. I love it.

The clearest and most well written of the numerous solutions-focused books Iâ??ve read.—John M. Littrell, Ed.D., Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Iowa State University, author of Brief Counselling in Action

The book gives a rationale and confidence for letting go of â??problem analysis.â?? Now I can see how to do things even better.—Peter Ackroyd, Greenstreet Berman

The Solutions Focus provides a fascinating look at a system that can help people and organizations find answers to the most complex questions. Using numerous enlightening stories and examples from those who have used this type of system to solve some of the most complex problems people and businesses face, the authors have tapped into a plan that can make problem resolution a simpler process for anyone.The organizational process they describe seems to be the guiding principle behind the formatting of the book itself too, because its contents are well designed and thoughtfully focus on clear language, smart thinking, well- refined ideas and constant summarization of the key facts that can help readers make use of its carefully conceived strategies.—Soundview Executive Book Summaries