Elephant's Story (Hardcover)

By Harriet Blackford, Manja Stojic (Illustrator)

Boxer Books, 9781905417759, 32pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2008



The newest elephant in the herd is adorably small and wrinkly, with floppy ears and a most extraordinary nose. Though she's a baby, it isn t long before she's charging around her mother, flapping those big ears to frighten the birds, learning to control her trunk, playing with other calvesand charming children everywhere. This is non-fiction at its freshestfilled with valuable information presented through a dramatic, exciting, and memorably illustrated story. Kids will love watching this infant grow up, surrounded by a loving family that's always there to protect her. At the same time, young readers will find out important facts about this endangered species: how the herd behaves, why they may one day disappear, and what different kinds of elephants live around the world.