Rebetiko (Hardcover)

By David Prudhomme

Selfmadehero, 9781906838515, 111pp.

Publication Date: September 24, 2013



Rebetiko refers to the fusion of West and East, Greece and Asia Minor, in music. However, to General Metaxas, it is only a reminder of the Turkish influence on his country. The ruthless Greek dictator is determined to crack down on rebetis and their way of life, creating strict censorship. A small group of friends--Rebetiko musicians--wind their way through the Athenian backstreets, ouzeris, and market squares, dodging the police while settling disputes over hashish and women. With music at its heart, the narrative portrays a day in the life of the Rebetiko musicians in Athens in 1936.

Praise for Rebetiko:

"A convincing portrayal of the pressures and pleasures faced by artistic and political outsiders." --Booklist

About the Author

David Prudhomme is a graduate of the Arts School of Angouleme and an award-winning graphic novelist. He lives in Bordeaux, France.