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Only More So

Millicent Borges Accardi


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Only More So is a collection of lyric poems. Sometimes a bridge in a sad song, other times an echo that threatens to develop then fades, the images blend, twist, and entangle one another: a marriage is a song, then it's a body, and finally a boat blind in the sea listening for the fog horn. We find ourselves alone in the spaces where atrocity meets the marriage bed-in those silences that are chosen, those that are forced, those that must be, and those that kill. In Prague" is as close to a pure definition of poetry we get, where memory is kinetic action, where language is recorded in the land itself, where the names of things tell us what they really are."-Carlo Matos (author of A School for Fisherman). "Navigates a strangely familiar territory through a chorus of forgotten and persistent voices. In this challenging and rewarding book, the poet births grotesque monsters to awaken her audience, and then coaxes them to sleep with remnants of a song."--Rain Taxi.

Salmon Poetry, 9781910669280, 80pp.

Publication Date: September 6, 2016