The Isle of Minimus (Paperback)

By Mkl Murphy

Repeater, 9781910924006, 228pp.

Publication Date: January 19, 2016



A disgraced entertainer, after years in isolation, emerges to lead a violent revolt in the street of Las Vegas.

The Isle of Minimus is a neon mirage from the heart of the sandblasted Nevada wasteland, a panorama of crazy dictators, dreamy acrobats, the urban warlords of Hollywood, video game cults, sinister boatmen, rogue airshow pilots, feral tourists, minituarised landmarks, opium dens, pop art, nuclear war, architecture, music, money, the sixties, the nineties, the post-nineties..a story of limitless scope and spectacle. Using repetition, paradox and association, the novel leaves conventional views of linearity behind as it revisits the World's Fair in Montreal 1967 and its antithesis, Las Vegas in 1999, by way of a confrontation in which a cast of dwarves fight their way out of the now-never capitalist ontology in an attempt to find a way back into history.

About the Author

MKL Murphy lives in the United States. This is his first novel.