Agrippa's Wake (Res Gestae #2) (Hardcover)

By Ralph Jackman

Knox Robinson Publishing, 9781911261162, 304pp.

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

List Price: 27.99*
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In the Hands of the Gods. Marcus Rutilius Crispus. A loyal man.

So reads the inscription on the grave of the man ordered to commit suicide by Rome's leading citizen, Octavian. Now, Octavian rules the empire. Consul for the seventh time, he has the love of the common people and powerful allies. He owns the army. He owns the treasury. He owns the senate.

All that remains is to establish a dynasty, and Octavian's pursuit of absolute power will be complete. It seems that nothing, and no one can stop him. But Marcus Rutilius Crispus is still alive. Alone, he can do nothing to challenge the supremacy of Octavian. Only one man holds that power; Octavian's right hand man, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. Can Rutilius restore his friendship with Agrippa, regain his trust, and persuade him to become Rome's leading man? Rutilius tells his story of revenge and redemption, of joy and despair, of hope for the future. But Octavian has a long memory...