Life Force (Paperback)

The Revolutionary 7-Step Plan for Optimum Energy

By Susan Scott

Eclipse Publishing & Media, 9781912839025, 256pp.

Publication Date: April 2, 2019

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Susan Scott's previous books are about keeping mentally and physically strong; what we refer to as resilience - the capacity to cope with everyday challenges and remain well. There is one missing ingredient though if you want to ensure true performance and success and that's energy. As we hear more and more, 'you can't pour from an empty glass'. Energy is what helps us get more done, more easily and to a better standard. It is our oomph and joie de vivre. Our motivation and creativity. It is the very fuel in our tank and without it we're not going anywhere. Stress, anxiety, money worries, managing excessive demands, overwork, relationship issues, working long hours, job insecurity.... goodness, life - all take their toll on our energy levels. 'I wish I had more energy' is frequently heard. 'Why am I so tired and exhausted all the time?' is a classic question. There is a trend in the workplace to do more with less 'energy' - as a lack of energy has the potential to be catastrophic. To summarise. Energy is the foundation of resilience and performance, without it all the skills, knowledge and experience in the world count for nothing. It has the power to take an ordinary person to extraordinary. It has a positive impact on the behaviour and performance in the workplace, on the bottom-line for the organisation but most of all, on the health and wellbeing of individuals. IT is an imperative. This is the book to tell you how to: -Stop feeling tired all the time -Enhance your energy, vitality and sustainability -Fuel the energy-making powerhouses in your body -Avoid energy slumps during the day -Sleep better and wake revitalised -Use energy to focus, concentrate and deliver to a higher standard -Improve your mood and outlook on life -Improve your resilience to manage your demanding life It will show you how to have the capacity to live life to the full mentally and physically - a mind and body approach. This book helps. It is a one stop shop that does everything it says on the tin. It will leave nothing to the imagination as all the experience and knowledge built up over the author's career will be succinctly and practically reproduced in this book. Using theory, activities, questionnaires and case studies, each section will be explained in a way that guides the reader to make the changes necessary to recharge their batteries and keep them topped up going forward.