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Carolyn Scrace


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Meet the Scribble Monsters--Inky, Blot, HB, Pablo, and Nibs. These playful characters guide kids through a series of fun activities, encouraging them to color, decorate, and print on these pages.

Colors are fun--and this book has budding artists coloring in shapes and objects to match their outlines; decorating a robot, purple dinosaur, and hot-air balloons according to the Scribble Monsters' instructions; and filling in toy bricks using whatever hues they'd like. Along the way, there are also counting games to play--like how many birds are in the sky and how many red crabs are swimming in the sea.

Scribblers, 9781913337520, 32pp.

Publication Date: November 3, 2020

About the Author

Carolyn Scrace went to Brighton College of Art. She has worked in animation, advertising, and children's books.