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The Message

Julianna Lovett


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If you are reading this you have found The Message at the perfect time.

The times we live in require us to wake up and live more purposefully through our heart and our soul.

Julianna Lovett, The Message

The path to Self-Realization is different for everyone, but in times of challenge, we are all called to reconnect with our truest selves. The Message is a guidebook for such times, inviting us to rediscover our authenticity and reclaim our inner power to live with freedom and grace. Its poetic passages encourage us to allow ourselves to be more than we can conceive.

Julianna Lovett is the messenger to awaken us from a life of surviving. She reminds us that we are the true creators of our own experience. Her deep connection to All That Is has brought forth a message of self-acceptance, of empowerment and of freedom. As you read The Message your heart will open to the truth of who you are, of who you have always been.

You are now called inward by your own True Voice - the echo within of All That Is.

Julianna Lovett, The Message

The Message is beautiful in its simplicity. It is the blueprint for living an authentic, passionate and fulfilling life.

The Message is an activation that serves as a launching pad for your lifelong journey of Self discovery, recovery and evolution. The path you walk is up to you.

Everything you need is already within you.

The Message is like a compass for your soul. Let the passages provide perspective about where you've been, insight into where you are and guidance for what lies ahead.

Where you are and who you are is always perfect, even when it may not appear to be.

That Guy's House, 9781913479596, 104pp.

Publication Date: December 7, 2020