Builders of the Past (Hardcover)

By Russell Ferrett

New Holland Publishing Australia Pty Ltd, 9781921073595, 48pp.

Publication Date: June 10, 2010



Why do humans build? Perhaps it's because we don't like living in caves. In the early days, a long, long time ago, we built walls around our homes and towns to keep out our enemies. As society advanced, rich and powerful people flaunted their wealth by building expensive palaces and monuments. Builders of the Past looks at the buildings man has constructed from the Stone Age to the last century. This is a large format picture book aimed at children in the 8?14 years age group. The focus is on educating children. It is the latest book in a series on the environment and the world we live in.

About the Author

Russ Ferrett is a geography and history teacher, along with an avid traveler. He visited and explored every site featured in this book and he or a member of his family took all but one of its photographs. He is the author of "When The Earth Moves: Earthquakes and Volcanoes."