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Cover for The Year of the Fruit Cake

The Year of the Fruit Cake

Gillian Polack


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Humankind is in danger. The Year of the Fruitcake tells of the Earth-based life of a mostly-mindwiped alien anthropologist inhabiting a human perimenopausal body instead of her own more rational body with its capacity to change gender. This alien has definitely shaken a great intergalactic empire by sitting in cafés with her new best friends. Chocolate may or may not have played a part. Will humanity survive? Polack describes her novel as, “Bleak. It’s political. It’s angry. It’s also sarcastic, cynical and funny.”

IFWG Publishing International, 9781925759914, 332pp.

Publication Date: September 16, 2019

About the Author

Gillian Polack is a writer, editor, historian and teacher, with doctor­­ates in both history and creative writing. Several of her books have been short-listed for awards. She is a member of Book View Café and also blogs for the History Girls and for In her copious spare time she practises sarcasm, cooking, reading and narrative analysis. From her very first novel readers told her that her fiction reflected her life, when it really didn’t. To make up for this, she generally includes at least one real episode in each of her novels. She vows to stop doing this after The Year of Fruit Cake.