Oddrey (Hardcover)

By Dave Whamond

Owlkids, 9781926973456, 1pp.

Publication Date: October 16, 2012



From Blue Spruce Awardwinning author-illustrator Dave Whamond comes the story of Oddrey, a young girl who is a little bit different from everybody else. Every aspect of Oddrey’s world is a study in playful curiosity. Her adventures and flights of fancy, however, are often a source of some teasing at the hands of her classmates. Her technicolor snow sculpture has the rest of the playground gaping in disbelief. Her drawing of blue apples is met with a stern look from her teacher. But Oddrey, never one to let anything get her down, faces all of these discouragements with optimism and offhanded grace.

So when her class production of The Wizard of Oz is cast and Oddrey is given the rather spiritless role of a tree, she decides to make the best of the situation and vows to be the most unique tree ever. Sadly, her teacher has other ideas, and Oddrey dons an uninspired costume and sways in the back row. But when her classmates start forgetting their lines, knocking down props, and suffering from stage fright, Oddrey steps in to save the show not by stealing it, but by helping her classmates rise to the occasion.

About the Author

Dave Whamond is the award-winning author of "My Think-a-ma-Jink" and a regular contributor to "chickaDEE" and "OWL" magazines. He also has a syndicated cartoon strip called "Reality Check, " which appears daily in a number of North American newspapers. He lives in Calgary.

Praise For Oddrey

Praise for My Think-a-ma-Jink:
"Wonderfully expressive faces and busy illustrations will keep readers searching the scenes for more details."
Kirkus Reviews