Storm Tactics (DVD-Video)

By Lin And Larry Pardey

Paradise Cay Publications, 9781929214105

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



The Pardeys take you out to sea and demonstrate methods to bring your boat and crew safely through storms with your gear and dreams intact. Join them near South Africa's Cape of Storms to watch a live demonstration of setting and retrieving a para-anchor, then sail on board Taleisin during their record breaking rounding of Cape Horn. See storm sails in action in 70 knots of wind. The Pardeys' use this visually explicit medium to demonstrate the technical details of storm tactics for both modern and classic boats and show how you can adapt their ideas for your own use. Eliminate fear and face heavy weather with a plan; how and when to use the sailors safety valve: heaving to-with or without a para-anchor. Covers gear and equipment, plus special sails for heavy weather are discussed in detail. This companion to their highly successful Storm Tactics Handbook provides new insights into handling storm sails and para-anchors and is a must for anyone who ventures more than a few miles offshore in a sailboat.