How to Discipline Kids Without Losing Their Love and Respect: An Introduction to Love and Logic (Paperback)

An Introduction to Love and Logic

By Jim Fay

Love & Logic Press, 9781930429482, 81pp.

Publication Date: January 10, 2004



Imagine... No More Arguing. Imagine... No More Manipulation. Imagine... Stess Free Parenting. For over fifty years, Jim Fay has worked with schools, families, and children in the areas of teaching, parenting and discipline. In 1977, along with internationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Foster W. Cline, he founded the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. which is dedicated to helping parents and educators create responsible kids. We know you will enjoy this book by beloved storyteller and parenting expert, Jim Fay, as he speaks to parents, educators, and community leaders about how to discipline kids without losing their love or respect.