Think Like a Dinosaur: And Other Stories (Paperback)

And Other Stories

By James Patrick Kelly

Golden Gryphon Press, 9781930846203, 275pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2003



This first major retrospective collects Kelly's finest short fiction from a 20-year career and includes a dazzling array of work, from hard science fiction and "Twilight Zone" inspired fantasies to stark futuristic horror. The grim fable Pogrom presents a near-futuristic scenario in which internecine warfare has broken out between the aging boomer generation and a youthful dispossessed proletariat who must support them. The landmark novella Mr. Boy is the wildly inventive tale of a genetically stunted 12-year-old who literally lives inside his mother, who has turned herself into a three-quarter-scale model of the Statue of Liberty. The First Law of Thermodynamics is a remarkable evocation of the psychedelic sixties the time of Vietnam, Kent State, and acid rock in which, like that era itself, nothing is what it appears to be. The now-famous title story, Think Like a Dinosaur, is a tale of a transporter beam maintained by aliens, through which humanity can visit the stars. This replaces 0965590194.

About the Author

James Patrick Kelly is the author of "Strange but Not a Stranger," "Wildlife," "Heroines," "Look into the Sun," "Freedom Beach," and "Plant of Whispers." He has won the World Science Fiction Society's Hugo Award twice. He writes a column on the Internet for "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine." He lives in Nottingham, New Hampshire.