Sofia's Saints (Paperback)

By Diana Lopez

Bilingual Review Press (AZ), 9781931010078, 147pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2002



Fiction. Latino/Latina Studies. Since her mother's death twelve years earlier, Sofia Loren Sauceda has lived in the same house where she grew up. Although she must work as a waitress to make ends meet, Sofia indulges her artistic muse by burning unique renderings of various saints onto wood. She refuses to compromise her artistic integrity by creating more marketable work, but her resolute philosophy begins to unravel when she learns that the house in which she grew up, where she has lived since her mother's death, is to be sold and that her only hope of buying it lies with an old coffee can filled with spare change. Diana Lopez is a graduate of the creative writing program at Southwest Texas State University, and SOFIA'S SAINTS is her first novel.