As Seen on TV (Paperback)

By Lou Harry, Sam Stall

Quirk Books, 9781931686099, 144pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2002



Do you want thicker, fuller hair?
How about a bigger bustline? A smaller waistline? Or buns of steel?
Are you troubled by garden pests, unsightly stains, or an inexplicable desire to look like Richard Simmons?
If you answered “Yes” to these questions, we can’t really help you.
But you might enjoy As Seen on TV, an illustrated history of the greatest gizmos and gadgets ever hawked on television. Here are the real-life stories of Ginsu Knives, K-Tel Records, the Clapper, the Thighmaster, NordicTrack, Time-Life Books, and dozens of other products that have broken the backs of UPS delivery men everywhere.
This nostalgic tribute is jam-packed with color photography, fascinating trivia, and loads of fun. You’ll learn the secrets of the perfect pitch from As Seen on TV pioneer Ron Popeil. You’ll discover unauthorized uses for your favorite products (yes, Virginia, you can eat your Chia Pet sprouts). And you’ll find out which of TV’s biggest celebrities—from Florence Henderson to Ricardo Montalban—would agree to hawk diet aids, ab-blasters, blemish removers, and teeth whiteners.
But that’s not all! Purchase this incredible volume today, and we’ll give you an extra chapter on the Auto Hammer, Bacon Magic, and The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed—absolutely free!

About the Author

Lou Harry is the author of "It's Slinky! "and "The Love Voodoo Kit, "and yet, inexplicably, he has never been nominated for the National Book Award. The first album he ever bought was K-Tel's "Believe in Music. "Sam Stall is the author of "Special Delivery, "the story of America's first septuplets. As a child he wanted a Pocket Fisherman, but his parents didn't get him one. And he never forgave them.