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Richard Bellush Jr.


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Slog is an imaginative, evocative, and action-packed science fiction story that takes place on post-cataclysmic Earth after it is radically altered by increased solar activity. Suffering major climactic changes, and a population decimated by tropical diseases, war and famine, the U.S.A. no longer exists as an organized entity and is soon to be colonized by Quebec. There is also the possibility it may be destroyed completely in the struggle for sovereignty. In the lush swamps of New Jersey, the desert communes of South Dakota, the balmy tropics of Quebec, and the new settlements in blooming Antarctica, the ambitions and passions of the surviving humans remain familiar. Their struggle to live on Earth, however great, is never so dangerous or rewarding as their struggle to live with one another.

Robert Reed Publishers, 9781931741095

Publication Date: January 1, 2010