Angel Talks: Unraveling the Mysteries of God (Paperback)

Unraveling the Mysteries of God

By Thomas E. Carpenter

Robert Reed Publishers, 9781931741842, 246pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



That angels exist is well accepted in world religions. There is little doubt that angels act as our protectors and serve God as messengers. Not everyone would accept, however, the idea of having conversational access to the angels who serve us. Thomas E. Carpenter insists it is possible, and claims we're all capable of learning how to do so. Angel Talks, itself, is an example of such a conversation-it is an extended dialogue between the author and his angels.The book is more than a simple dialogue, however. In very readable English, the angels share their wisdom by offering insight into many of the mysteries surrounding God. In their attempt to unravel those mysteries, the angels cut across the grain of commonly accepted ideas and expose the mythical nature of many of our more common spiritual clich.