One Minute Service: Keys to Providing Great Service Like Disney World (Paperback)

Keys to Providing Great Service Like Disney World

By Bruce Loeffler

DC Press, 9781932021165, 135pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2012



All successful organizations revolve around the care and feeding of customers.First impressions are critical; little things make a big difference; attitude and likeability are vital attributes; and recovering from service mistakes quickly is essential. These are just three tenets emphasized through this unique and quick read. Loaded with action-ready, immediately applicable ideas for providing great customer service with nearly all of them achievable in just a few seconds, this is what One Minute ServiceR is all about.We live in a world where businesses are endlesslyobsessed with numbers and the bottom line. Yet those numbers are driven by the behaviors of customers and the people who serve them. The warning is clear: Any business that pays attention to the numbers at the expense of ignoring customers places itself in serious jeopardy. The essence of the Disney methods for creating an outstanding service culture is spelled out in One Minute ServiceR by someone who spent years living and working in it.