BeHappy!: Your Guide to the Happiest Possible Life (Paperback)

Your Guide to the Happiest Possible Life

By Jimmy Demesa MD Mba

DC Press, 9781932021202, 178pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2006



BeHappy is intended to have a profound impact on anyone's ability to be happier. Its essence is to provide the reader with: (1) a better understanding of what it takes for them to be happy, (2) important tools to increase joy, pleasure, and passion in their lives daily, and (3) the development of a long-term plan for the best life possible, with great relationships, optimal health, and minimal regrets. Primary Themes: (1) anyone can be happier than they are today if they follow the process in the book and (2) some essential elements are required for optimal happiness. BeHappy stands apart from other books because it addresses the entire spectrum of what is required to be as happy as possible. It first establishes the reader's individual happiness definition, and then uses that foundation to build a solid emotional structure and a complete happiness plan for their lives. Volunteers who read the book during its development, and completed the process experienced a significant positive result in their lives.