In Search of Ethics: Conversations with Men and Women of Character (Paperback)

Conversations with Men and Women of Character

By Len Marrella

DC Press, 9781932021318, 368pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2009



American society seems to be in a constant state of recovery from a series of attacks on our social and economic morals and ethics. From the never-ending embarassment of the Clinton sex scandals to the fall of such personalities as Martha Stewart, it seems that there is a new character challenge every day. Pick up a newspaper or listen to the evening news and you'll find something to stimulate discussion at the dinner table or around the boardroom table. This stimulating and inspirational book points out the quicksand that we all walk upon daily and illustrates his message with interviews and commentaries with some fascinating people who had to look moral and ethical challenges in the face and decide for themselves how they were going to handle their own Ethics Gate. Added to this edition are interviews with Charles Krulak, Vice Chairman of MBNA America Bank and Nancy Olivieri, MD, a Canadian physician who refused to turn a deaf ear on life-threatening drug testing on children and stood up for morality.