To Terra...: Volume 3 (Paperback)

Volume 3

By Keiko Takemiya, Dawn T. Laabs (Translator)

Vertical, 9781932234718, 328pp.

Publication Date: June 26, 2007



In this, the last installment of the classic, Jomy Marcus Shin leads the Mu to their final showdown with humanity. Tony and eight other naturally-conceived Mu, who all possess incredible powers rivaling Jomy's own, take up the frontlines in the offensive and deliver the human side a series of staggering defeats. But Keith Anyan, head of the Terran defense foreces, has a few tricks up his own sleeve for dealing with the Mu. As the conflict nears its climax, the long-hidden secret at the heart of the Superior Domination order finally comes to light.

About the Author

Keiko Takemiya was one of the first female shojo manga writers, and has achieved great success with her science fiction and yaoi (boy-boy love) works. She is noted in Japan as part of the "Magnificent Forty-Niners," female artists who pioneered shojo manga (comics for girls), creating wonderful works that have inspired many of today's best-known manga artists.

Praise For To Terra...: Volume 3

"To Terra... is an amazing piece of comic art, and no dedicated manga reader should pass it up." - Newtype USA

" An outstanding addition to the pantheon of great manga." -

"Either way this is sweet old skool sci-fi goodness (think Leiji Matsumoto) wrapped in Ooizumi Salon art with a flair for Ishinomori costume designs... Yeah this is a manga-wotaku's dream." - MangaCast

“The art stands out as unique as it did back 30 years ago. It feels both retro and progressive. Takemiya’s settings and organic spaceships are simply awing to look at in each page.” –About Heroes

“To Terra is an engrossing ride through the stars… “ —Manga Maniac Café