Andromeda Stories Volume 1 (Paperback)

By Keiko Takemiya

Vertical, 9781932234848, 216pp.

Publication Date: September 11, 2007



Cosmoralia's Prince Ithaca is about to wed Princess Lilia of Ayodoya and be crowned Astralta III. The apparently favorable celestial bearings mean he will be no mere monarch but holy king of a new "papacy". Alas, the peaceful inhabitants of Planet Astria have no clue that they're next in line for invasion by a ruthless machine force--a threat that seems to metaphorize the inherent perils of politics and desire in this multilayered saga. The tension slowly mounts to an unbearable pitch in this ominous first volume of three.

Following the conclusion of her award-winning and epochal To Terra..., Keiko Takemiya paired up with science fiction legend Ryu Mitsuse to create yet another milestone that was shortly made into an animated TV feature. Andromeda Stories is comics pioneer Takemiya's second work to appear in English.

About the Author

Keiko Takemiya was one of the first female shojo manga writers, and has achieved great success with her science fiction and yaoi (boy-boy love) works. Andromeda Stories is a fantasy tale that invokes The Matrix and The Dark Crystal. It examines themes of man versus machine, and the inescapable grip of destiny.

Praise For Andromeda Stories Volume 1

"Takemiya is one of Japan’s revered 49ers for a reason. She knows how to tell a story with her art, bringing out the subtlest of emotions and dramatic moments. From the opening pages when the winged goddess is brooding over the Cosmic Egg with sword-bearing angels in attendance, you know you’re looking at something special."- Manga Life
"Intended for young adult readers, this is a satisfying, classic story with stylish old-fashioned artwork. Takemiya's art flows well and is full of colorful details: the weird landscapes look like 1970s fantasy illustration or rock album covers, the costumes are sumptuous, and the silent mechanical invaders are mysterious and chilling." - Otaku USA

“I fell in love with the clockwork body snatchers and space opera storytelling she employs.” - Same Hat Blog
“There’s scarcely another title out there, new or old, that shoots this high and this far with its vision, so pick this up.” - Anime Advanced Media Network “Any first volume is hard to judge, but based on the potential of the story, the historical place of the creator, and Vertical’s excellent publishing record for manga, this volume is recommended for all manga collections.” - Library Journal

"May be the best manga I've read all year. A+," -