Gunnerkrigg Court, Volume 2: Research (Hardcover)


By Tom Siddell

Archaia Studios Press, 9781932386776, 251pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2009



Annie and Kat begin their second year at Gunnerkrigg Court Parts of Annie's past are revealed, as well as mysteries that tie back to the origins of the Court itself. Finding a secret tomb of ancient robots beneath Kat's workshop leads the two friends to question how they are linked to the mysterious ghost that attacked Annie the year before. And as a new Medium-In-Training, Annie is able to visit the powerful trickster god Coyote in Gillitie Forest, a visit that reveals more than she ever imagined

About the Author

Thomas Siddell is English, and resides in Birmingham. He has a day job as an animator for a video game company, and he rides the bus to work every day. He hates Boxbot. He really, REALLY hates Boxbot.