Titanium Rain Volume 2 Hc (Hardcover)

By Josh Finney, Kat Rocha

Archaia Studios Press, 9781932386936, 196pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2012



The Sino Conflict heats up as the Jade Army continues its relentless advance across China. The Union is desperate, the Allies can barely hold their ground, and looming on the horizon is the specter of all-out nuclear war. Caught in the middle of this maelstrom are the men and women of Phoenix Squadron, a group of US Air Force fighter pilots who have sacrificed some of their humanity for the advantages of cybernetic enhancement. In this second installment of the Titanium Rain trilogy, the war gets bloodier, the stakes get higher, and secrets are revealed about the true nature of the Prometheus Initiative. Like the war itself, will Prometheus lead mankind ever closer to ultimate destruction? Or is it the dawning of a new age?