Turtle Dolphin Dreams (Paperback)

By Marian K. Volkman

Loving Healing Press, 9781932690101, 80pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2005



What if we shared planet Earth with other intelligent species?

What if inter-species communication were really possible?

Seek out some answers in Turtle Dolphin Dreams

An extremely unusual work of fiction in which three creatures, a turtle, a dolphin and a human link minds through dreams to bring a unique perception of the world. Most of the narration is by the Turtle, via the human and Dolphin's voice comes through both turtle and human, yet somehow this strange book hangs together and holds the reader's attention.

Turtle wonders why humans identify so closely with our family and friends that their every action affects us, perhaps bringing deep joy or deep pain. Turtles view each life as an egg - overlapping and separate. They have developed the ability to link thoughts with others of their kind during the dream state of the annual hibernation. Somehow they recognise family and friend with whom they have no real contact during the wakeful summer, other than the brief mating season. Eggs are laid and left to hatch alone. The parents have no contact with the hatchlings until they mature and begin their first hibernation, when the dreaming begins.

Dolphin cannot understand why adult humans are so serious while their children play. For dolphins it is the other way around. Youth is for learning everything needed for survival. Adulthood brings expertise, strength and time to play.

"A pearl is a small thing, and yet it is as precious as any jewel. So is this little book." --Robert Rich, Ph.D.

"Turtle Dolphin Dreams is a wonderful little book. Not since Gibran's The Prophet or Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull has a book come along so inviting, refreshing, andrelevant." --James Clifton, Ph.D.

"Turtle Dolphin Dreams is a lovely book with much food for thought. Very inspirational indeed." Susan M. Phillips, Spiralthreads Reviews