Dunnottar (Paperback)

By Janet Elaine Smith

Star Publish, 9781932993509, 232pp.

Publication Date: August 18, 2006



Enough action for a man. Enough passion for a woman. Enough intrigue for everyone. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland, the domain of the Clan Keith, close consorts of the royal family for many generations. The whole country is at war with itself: Scotland against England. William Keith, the patriarch, is the wealthiest man in Scotland, but he desires only to be known as the kindest; John, his younger brother, is eager to fight for his country, even if his motives are a little questionable; and Robert, Williams oldest son, is off to battle, but his mothers only hope is that he finds a wife in the process. Even the most seemingly righteous families have some deep, dark hidden secrets. The Keith clan is no exception; some of them so deep and dark even the other Keith's don't know they exist. But they are privy to secrets of King Charles II himself.