Mickey Price: Journey to Oblivion (Hardcover)

Journey to Oblivion

By John P. Stanley

Tanglewood Press, 9781933718880, 301pp.

Publication Date: September 3, 2013



The moon is under threat of a nuclear meltdown due to a space station malfunction. Complicating things is the presence of pleurinium, a magnetic material that makes humans instantly, seriously ill - well, all humans who are 14 years old and up.
Mickey Price is an orphan in Orlando; Trace Daniels is a go-kart champion in Nevada; Jonah Jones is a budding scientist in Illinois. They don t know each other, but they are all being watched and studied by men in white shirts, thin black ties, and distinctive gold-colored sunglasses. The three kids are invited to a NASA camp, but this camp isn t for summer fun. It's a training camp for a mission full of dangers that will test each of them to the maximum, but it's also an adventure full of thrills, fun, and some unexpected companions, not all of whom are human.

About the Author

John Stanley and his wife, both lawyers, hope their twin boys will grow up to be explorers or scientists or historians or teachers but will still love them if they becomes lawyers, too. This is his first book. He lives in Durham, N.C.

Praise For Mickey Price: Journey to Oblivion

This rocket-speed adventure captures all the danger, mystery and excitement of NASA moon missions with laugh-out-loud moments along the way. It also reminds us that there are still great mysteries on the moon and beyond, just waiting to be discovered and explored. I know kids will love this story and I hope it inspires them. Go outside at night look up at the moon dream big!—Buzz Aldrin