Don't Shoot! We're Republicans!: Memoirs of an FBI Agent Who Did Things His Own Way (Paperback)

Memoirs of an FBI Agent Who Did Things His Own Way

By Jack Owens

History Publishing Co LLC, 9781933909677, 258pp.

Publication Date: August 15, 2009



image of the FBI Special Agent, since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, has been carefully crafted as being polite, clean shaven young men and pleasantly smiling women whose hallmarks are polite words and good manners. Author Jack Owens goes behind that facade and shares the human side of the FBI. With a breezy sweep of the 30 years of his life as a Special Agent, Owens, with his remarkable wit, introduces the reader to a new type of FBI Agent- one who could appreciate the irony and humor of life and laughed and "cussed," yes "cussed," as he met those ironies and idiosyncrasies in the field in Alabama. Owens' shares his unique perspective with the reader from his early days as an FBI trainee through chasing spies, terrorists and assorted "bad guys," putting down a prison riot and setting up roadblocks for desperadoes where, occasionally, he encountered some good people too.