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The Great Rebellion

The State of Our World and How to Change It Through Practical Spirituality

Samael Aun Weor


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Our world needs real change, inner change. This book shows how you can make it happen. 'When one discovers the real cause of so much misery and bitterness, it becomes obvious that something can be done...' - Samael Aun Weor Do you want a better world and a better life? Do you thirst for genuine happiness? You can transcend suffering when you know about: The underlying cause of the world's pain and problems What consciousness is and how it works How cause and effect create your life The power within us that can cleanse the mind of faults and darkness This book embraces and clarifies the essential wisdom within all the world's religions and spiritual traditions. Yet, change does not come from belief or theories. Real change comes from self-knowledge: gnosis. The Great Rebellion explains how all of the world's problems addiction, war, pollution, starvation, crime come from within us. By changing ourselves within, we change the world around us. This is the genuine foundation of every great spiritual tradition in the world. By truly becoming better people, the world becomes a better place. Topics include: Life; Harsh Reality; Happiness; Freedom; The Law of the Pendulum; Concept and Reality; The Dialectic of Consciousness; Scientific Jargon; The Antichrist; The Psychological I; Darkness; The Three Minds; Work Memory; Creative Comprehension; The Kundalini; Intellectual Norms; The Knife of Consciousness; The Psychological Country; Drugs; Inquietudes; Meditation; Return and Recurrence; The Intimate Christ; The Christic Work; The Difficult Path; The Three Traitors; The Causal I's; The Superman; The Holy Grail; and more.

Glorian Publishing, 9781934206225, 177pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010