Season of Infidelity: BDSM Tales from the Classic Master (Paperback)

BDSM Tales from the Classic Master

By Oniroku Dan

Vertical, 9781934287361, 237pp.

Publication Date: February 2, 2010



A collection of four pseudo-autobiographical stories by leading Japanese erotic fiction andpink movie writer Oniroku Dan.
Season of Infidelity: This opening story from whence the title derives, tells the tale of the effects of a man telling his wife he is a porn writer. Both teachers at a junior high school in an idyllic lakeside town when they meet; the woman soon discovers her husband's secret life of writing porn novels, leading to him quitting his teaching job. He moves to Tokyo and establishes Oni Productions to produce the porn movies that he writes. He discovers his wife's infidelity with Kawata, an assistant, and confronts him, but is astonished and aroused by Kawata's candor about the relationship and his wife's aggressiveness in bed.
Pretty Boy: A heterosexual college student falls for a gay male student, Kikuo, even though he has a steady girlfriend. One night after drinking together, back at the man's apartment, he confesses his feelings to Kikuo, who reveals that he was raped by his uncle when he was seven. Their intimate conversation leads to physical intimacy.
Deer Park: A man decides he is going to open a sex retreat, Deer Park, like the one in Versailles.
Unfortunately, the applicants are all men who expect to be supplied with horny women to sate their sadistic lust. The man discovers from a female friend, Ayako--who is also a dominatrix--that there are plenty of women like herself who would be willing to satisfy the demands of his clientele.
Deluding Flower: The final story is the most nonfictional, telling the story of S&M porn actress, Naomi Tani. Dan met Tani when she was eighteen.Dan wrote fifteen movies in which Tani starred in the 1970s including his first porn flick, Flowers and Snakes, in 1973, which became a huge hit. This final story recalls the genesis of their successful collaboration on and off the set until Tani's retirement in 1979 and beyond.

About the Author

Oniroku Dan (nee Yukihiko Kuroiwa) was born in 1931. His first novel--a literary fiction entitled Oyako Donburi (Parent and Child Bowl, referringto a dish of rice with chicken and egg, but connoting sex with a mother/daughter pair) garnered Dan the All Yomimono Newcomer Award in 1957. His first erotic novel--Flowers and Snakes--was written under his current pseudonym, Oniroku Dan, in the early 1960s, and he soon became the top writer of erotic novels in Japan. In 1969, he founded Oni Productions for which he wrote many pornographic movie scripts and published bondage photo collections. Dan has published more than 120 books, and his works have been adapted to more than fifty movies. From this book, "Season of Infidelity" was adapted to the big screen in 2000."