Body (Paperback)

By Asa Nonami

Vertical, 9781934287378, 192pp.

Publication Date: December 18, 2012



As indicated by the title, Body is a collection of horror stories, all thematically linked to people's perception of their bodies, and the consequences of vanity and low self-esteem. In the vein of the psychological suspense of the Twilight Zone, each story ends with a shock, leaving the reader unsettled with the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for," echoing in their bones.

Appropriately, each of the five stories in Body gets its title from the body parts featured, buttocks, blood, face, hair and chin.

About the Author

Asa Nonami is the V.C. Andrews of Japanese fiction. A prolific writer of her own brand of sometimes gothic suspense, she is most notable for strong women characters in a mystery genre frequently predominated by men. Nonami was born in 1960 in Tokyo and attended Waseda University to study Sociology before dropping out and getting a job at an advertising agency. In 1988 she made her fiction writing debut with Happy Breakfast and won the Japan Mystery Suspense Award. In 1996, Nonami won the 115th Naoki Prize for The Hunter. Among her other notable works are The June 19th Bride, Paradise Thirty, Dramatic Children, and Muderer of the Blooming Season. Her first work to be translated in English, The Hunter, received widespread acclaim in the U.S. in 2006. Nonami's second novel, Now You're One of Us, was released in December 2007 by Vertical.

Praise For Body

Praise for Asa Nonami

“This pulpy family psychodrama is hugely entertaining—like watching some filmed version of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from an adapted screenplay by Mario Puzo and directed by Yasujiro Ozu.” —TIME Asia on Now You're One of Us

“Asa Nonami has crafted a fascinating horror story that lingers in the imagination long after the final page has been turned.” — on Now You're One of Us