The Spirit Glass: A Book of Magically Hidden Images [With Spirit Glass] (Hardcover)

A Book of Magically Hidden Images [With Spirit Glass]

By Justin Heimberg

Seven Footer Press, 9781934734490, 32pp.

Publication Date: September 27, 2011



The greatest "can you find it" book ever wasn't technologically possible until now. Using MagicView, a proprietary technology for hiding and revealing images in print, readers must follow the clues that appear in this book to know where and how to place the Spirit Glass decoder to bring unseen images to light. Pressing the clear MagicView lens, here called "The Spirit Glass," over the page and positioning it correctly can reveal up to eight images in one space superimposed on each other, but revealed as separate and distinct images when the lens is rotated. In 13 imaginative spreads, readers will use the Spirit Glass to find ten ghosts in a haunted house, seek out nine skeletons hidden in a graveyard, uncover hidden messages in invisible spider webs and much, much more!