Johnny Gruesome (Paperback)

By Gregory Lamberson

Medallion Press, 9781934755457, 342pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2008

List Price: 15.95*
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Johnny Grissom--nicknamed "Johnny Gruesome" by his high school classmates--is a heavy metal hellion who loves to party, watch horror movies, and get into fights. One winter night, Johnny's car, The Death Mobile, is discovered submerged beneath the icy surface of Willow Creek, with Johnny's waterlogged corpse inside. The townspeople believe that his death was accidental. But soon the murders begin--horrible acts of violent vengeance that hint at a deepening mystery and terror yet to come. A headless body is discovered at the high school, a priest is forced to confront his own misdeeds, and a mortician encounters the impossible. The sound of a car engine and maniacal laughter fill the night, and one by one, Johnny's enemies meet a grisly demise. The students at Red Hill High School begin to fear for their lives--especially Johnny's closest friends, who all harbor a dark secret.

About the Author

Gregory Lamberson is the writer and director of the cult classic, "Slime"" City," and of the features "Naked Fear" and "Undying Love." He is the author of "Personal Demons," which won the Anubis Award for Horror. He lives outside Buffalo, New York.

Praise For Johnny Gruesome

Nominated for the 2008 Black Quill Awards in the Best Small Press Chill Category

"A delicious rotting slice of living dead horror, as American as apple pie à la mode and a strong cup of Joe at the diner of the damned. . . . One of the most enjoyable scare-fests I've read this year."  Philip Nutman, author, Wet Work, and coscreenwriter, The Girl Next Door

"This is one ride through the hell of high school and the wince-inducing gore of undead vengeance . . .  In Johnny Gruesome, horror has a new hero."  Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Awardwinning author, Currency of Souls, The Turtle Boy, and The Hides

"A frightening sense of detail that makes it all the more horrificit's a gruesome ride that you can't stop reading."  Gunnar Hansen, actor, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

"[This book] spins the zombie genre into a fresh and ballsy hard-rock direction that just kills!"  Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Awardwinning author, Ghost Road Blues and Dead Man's Song

"This homage to the splatter films of the 1980s . . . is a wild ride through the darker recesses of the reader's imagination. . . . Recommended to anyone who loves their horror hard, fast, and fun."  Dave Simms, author, Hellnotes

"A loving and intelligent tribute to the classic splatter films that set the pace for modern horror. . . . Bold and trashy in all the right ways, [this] is a book (and a villain) you won't soon forget."  Lee Thomas, author, Parish Damned and The Dust of Wonderland

"A rotting fetid romp of a novel that shows you a little of life post-mortem for your average teenage headbanger. A B-movie nightmare recreated with loving fan-boy zeal."  Steve Vernon, author, Hard Roads