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La Novela Ecuatoriana del Siglo XIX

Flor Maria Rodriguez-Arenas, Raul Neira, Christen Picicci


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During the nineteenth century in Ecuador, writers produced novels that contributed to literary movements and schools of thought within Spanish-American literature. Placido (1871) by Francisco Campos and Entre el amor y el deber: Escenas de la campana de 1882-1883 en el Ecuador (1886) by Teofilo Pozo Monsalve are serious contributions to Romanticism. El hombre de las ruinas... (1869) by Francisco Javier Salazar Arboleda, departs from a raw Realism, but ultimately arrives vigorously at the characteristics associated with Naturalism. Conversely, Soledad by Jose Peralta (1885) and Timoleon Coloma: Dibujos de costumbres quitenas (1887) by Carlos Rodolfo Tobar represent the consolidation of the realistic novel during the last quarter of the century; shortly thereafter, Campana y campanero (1891), by Honorato Vazquez, expresses attachment to Ecuadorian fiction and turn-of-the-century Spiritualistic Realism. The selection of essays concludes with Titania (1892) by Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno, a novel that exhibits tension between aspects of Realism and Naturalism, and which ultimately inscribes its world of fiction within Spanish-American modernism. The collection ends with an analysis of Abelardo (1895) by Eudofilo Alvarez, a completely modern novel and precursor to the well-known -isms and unprecedented ideological changes of the twentieth century. La Novela Ecuatoriana del siglo XIX - Essays Flor Maria Rodriguez-Arenas (editor) Essays by: Flor Maria Rodriguez-Arenas - Raul Neira - Christen Picicci - Danilo Garcia Bernal - Cesar Andres Ospina Mesa - Patricia G. Carrasco - Jeimy Garcia Sanchez on: El hombre de la ruinas... (1869) by Francisco Javier Salazar Arboleda - Placido (1871) by Francisco Campos - Soledad (1885) by Jose Peralta - Entre el amor y el deber: escenas de la campana de 1882 y 1883 en el Ecuador (1886) by Teofilo Pozo Monsalve - Timoleon Coloma (1887) by Carlos R. Tobar - Campana y Campanero (1891) by Honorato Vazquez - Titania (1892) by Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno - Abelardo (1895) by Eudofilo Alvarez.

Stockcero, 9781934768525, 250pp.

Publication Date: March 7, 2012