Consequences of the Heart (Paperback)

By Peter Cunningham

GemmaMedia, 9781934848388, 310pp.

Publication Date: May 4, 2011



Chud Conduit, the wild grandson of the most successful businesswoman in Monument, and Jack Santry, gentle Anglo-Irish heir to Main, the estate on the hill, are the most unlikely of friends. United by their love for Rosa, beautiful daughterof the town bookmaker, they are bound by a terrible event that flings all three adolescents from their Garden of Eden. Chud and Jack meet again on the beaches of Normandy, where events determine the course of the rest of their lives in ways that none of them can anticipate. One wins Rosa's hand in marriage, the other her eternal affection, sealing their destinies together over six decades, tangled in a triangle of love that is stronger than social convention, beyond even law. "Consequences of the Heart" is a work of powerful and sensual lyricism, effortless characterization and sparkling humor.

About the Author

Peter Cunningham grew up in Waterford, the city on which Monument, the town in Consequences of the Heart is based. His previous work includes The Sea andthe Silence (Gemma 2010), and a number of thrillers, written both under his own name and under pseudonyms. His novels include Who Trespass Against Us (London, 1993); Tapes of the River Delta (London, 1995); and Love in One Edition (London, 2001); Taoiseach (London, 2004); and Capital Sins (Dublin, 2010). Peter Cunningham is a member of Aosdana, the Irish Academy of Letters.

Praise For Consequences of the Heart

“A writer of great gifts” - Barry Unsworth, Booker Prize winner

“Cunningham’s descriptive writing is as superb as his characterization.” - Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner

 “… uncompromising in his commitment to the plain storytelling of old-fashioned romance and the effect is something like that of an old-fashioned movie that is apparently uncomplicated but yet becomes a classic.” - John Kenny, The Irish Times  " In a narrative that spans more than 60 years in the lives of its characters, Irish author Cunningham examines a Jules-and-Jim–type love affair as well as a mysterious incident from D-Day....A lovingly detailed examination of 20th-century Anglo-Irish culture as well as a dissection of personal relationships." - Kirkus