Swing Low, Sweet Harriet (Paperback)

By Rhonda Rucker

Motes, 9781934894507, 128pp.

Publication Date: October 12, 2013



SWING LOW, SWEET HARRIET by Rhonda Rucker is fiction based on historical fact. People on the Lowndes plantation in South Carolina have heard of a woman known as Moses. There are tales about how she leads folks to safety and freedom. When Moses starts showing up at meetings, some are curious to know more, while others think it's safer to keep a distance from her. The war is on-can anyone be trusted? Still, no one, including Ben, can ignore her message: "Be ready. Freedom is at hand." Even wise Uncle Minus says things are different now. And though Ben doesn't realize that Moses is actually Harriet Tubman, he does know a dangerous secret about the soldiers that he wants to tell her. Then Ben's sister, who works in the Big House, learns another important secret: The plantation owners know about Moses and they don't like her moving about the area and spreading her new ideas. What the white men don't know is that there will soon be a raid that will attempt to liberate Ben and all his friends and family. Part of the MotesBooks Think Young Collection. 128 pages. www.MotesBooks.com]