Taking Off My Comfortable Clothes: Removing Religion to Find Relationship (Paperback)

Removing Religion to Find Relationship

By James Thornber

Higherlife Development Service, 9781935245261, 213pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2010



A life of faith isn't lived in a neat, clean, stain-free environment; it's lived outside the familiar, in the center of the adventurous, untamed call of God on our lives. This intimate, soul-searching account describes Jim Thornber's remarkable journey to a living, loving God. It started with a search for something spiritually higher yet soulishly comfortable; something that would make him feel relevant and reasonable, giving him a purpose for living and a sense of calling. His search finally led him to remove the comfortable, religious misconceptions of who he thought he was (and who he thought God wanted him to be) and put on the clothes of Christ to find true relationship.